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2015-11-05 00:41:37

"Where Only The Best Is Good Enough"

  • Fuel those guns and buns with the right foods, then watch those gains soar!








Fish for Fitness

Fish: one of the best sources of protein, fats and nutrients available

At Sandys we understand that food is medicine, we also believe we are what we eat and more importantly what we can digest. That is why we offer great produce that’s fresh, full of goodness and most of all delicious. Fish is not heavy - it is easily consumed and assimilated by our bodies to use as building blocks to maintain and repair our bodies. The perfect fuel for a pre or post workout meal, look at our recipes page for ideas and even share some of your own.

Fuel your guns at Sandys

We believe in health and community involvement. That’s why we have partnered with local gyms to offer a Fish for Fitness discount for their members. It’s not all about protein powder and bars, it’s about whole foods. These foods are nutrient dense, full of the right proteins, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. We also offer other great sources of protein such as a variety of sausages, meats, game meats and groceries.

Affiliated Gyms

Want to sign your gym up or find out what’s fresh today? Call us on 020 8892 5788

Leave us a message: we want to hear from you about Fish, Food and Fitness.